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Why is Ukraine a great place to manufacture apparel?

More and more world-known brands moving much of their production to Ukrainian factories. Among them are Zara, Marks & Spencer, New Look and even Hugo Boss relocating to Ukraine to avoid "made in Chine" label. But it's not only about that. There are a lot of advantages in Ukrainian clothes manufacturer markets and one of them is location. Isn't Eastern Europe a perfect place to ship anywhere? Yes, it is! Ukraine has a long history as a garment and textile manufacturer. During the late 1900s, Ukraine was one of the largest apparel manufacturing centers in the Soviet Union, due to its highly skilled workforce and its sewing traditions. So let's list what have made Ukraine a rising destination for apparel manufacturing: it's location, lower production costs, experienced workforce, both low and high order quantities and advanced factories.

Repulo's Tailors is a Ukrainian apparel manufacturer who has experienced sewers, it's garment factories have the most advanced equipment and facilities, high-quality garments production for lower price than many European countries and can ship all around the world! We have a great experience working for the Middle Eastern markets and different garment cultures and trends.

We are a forward-looking company, who can not only provide you a high-quality service, but help you to achieve your top goal in fashion!


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