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Fast fashion or quality fashion?

Fast fashion or quality fashion? 🙋‍♀️This the questions we have to think about!

In the days when we have such a huge availability of absolutely different clothing, we forgot about it’s quality. We have a wide range of options but are they truly good for us?

We are not even talking about the impact on the environment but the impact on ourselves. Sometimes our team goes to clothing stores just to check the options and feel so bad seeing those cheap fabrics that will last for just a couple of wears. We know it even by looking at the garments and definitely don’t want to wear it. We capture a trendy cool design but when it comes to touch it we want to cry 😭 behind a cool style you see the inside (something even on face) of the garment with sticking out threads and not straight stitching. Do you want and like it to wear to your body? We definitely not!

We need to respect not only our planet but our body and personality too. Maybe it’s reasonable to buy less but quality stuff, what do you guys think?

When we started our business we had to figure out our vision and mission and we knew clearly what we don’t want to do - producing clothing that looks good but feels bad!

Our mission is to save the world from a low quality fashion and that’s why you will never see a sticking out threads or not straight stitching at the garments we produce. We produce from 6 pieces per style, better start slow but do it on the highest level!



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