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Who are the best apparel manufacturers?

There is a challenge in choosing the right factory to produce your clothing line as it should fit your every point. And every designer needs the best one, but the thing is, that your perfect apparel manufacturer is not the best one for another designer or brand!

But we will share with you some key points that every professional apparel manufacturer should have and that will save your time and money in future.

Don’t trust a manufacturer who says they can produce everything from any fabric type in a world. A good apparel manufacturer specialises in a specific range of garments and fabrics and have it’s own list of what they are producing. And there should be 1 or 2 garments that are their “business card”, the one they do the best! For us it’s a woman’s jacket. We really love to produce jackets and we do it super accurate and beautiful.

Every professional manufacturer should have a professional website. We don’t understand manufacturers who have only mobile, email and actual location. There was a time when being mentioned in press or in yellow pages was enough, but if an apparel manufacturer doesn’t have a website today, it means that it is an outdated manufacturer so are it’s vision.

The other side of a good apparel manufacturer is asking questions. Even if you are having a detailed tech pack there will be missing something and if you are asked questions it means the manufacturer cares and wants to make the job done well.

Appreciate, when your apparel manufacturer suggest you to produce samples first! Let’s be honest, for every manufacture is not very profitable to spend so much time for producing 1 garment like your first prototype. But it always saves your time and money in future.

Look for the manufacturer who communicates with you! If you feel comfortable to communicate with the manufacturer’s manager, describe your idea and wishes and you feel heard - that is the best sign. If you feel like you need to ask for every step to be done and have to push to get the answer - run!

There are many more points to mention, but we are not going to write about them all. Just look for a creative mind like you to be heard and you will succeed!

And of course, a couple of words about us! We are not just a regular manufacturer, we like to call ourselves a “creative space” that makes the designer’s dreams live. We are a manufacturer with a soul. We always care about our client as their success equals ours! Our managers will always suggest you the best solutions and ideas, will share with you their thoughts and vision, will help you during the whole process and share with you every step of your garment production.

Feel free to contact us now and get a free first consultation.


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