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How to spend smart on your fashion collection creation?

Spending your budget wisely in fashion collection production is very important 👆 Especially, when you are an aspiring brand or designer.

Our team prepared a list that might help you:

☑️ Fabrics

Buy wholesale all you need for your collection. It is always reasonable to buy fabrics in rolls, as you save from 30 to 50% on every meter of fabric. It is not only about fabrics, but also about accessories, zippers, buttons etc.

☑️ Number of designs

Don’t produce 20-30 different designs at once. Produce 5-10, test them on the market as much as you can and leave the most successful or upgrade others and add them to your line. But start wisely and test the market!

☑️ Number of garments per style

Find a manufacturer who can produce low MOQs. From the beginning produce not 50-100 per style, but a reasonable number of garments per fabric wastage per roll.

We can help you to calculate that best number of garment as per your details and our MOQ is 6 pieces per style 🙃

☑️ Sewing Patterns

Use the most popular design sewing pattern few times, just change fabrics or small details like length, add or remove pocket, change the collar shape, add embroidery etc.

☑️ First professional prototype

Produce your first professional prototype to see your ideas in reality. To find the best fit, look and only after that go for mass production

☑️ Logistics

Work with apparel manufacturer who can provide you all you need. It is always better to find everything in one place, you don’t need to do a sewing pattern in one place, buying fabrics in other, produce your brand labels somewhere else, garments production in third place etc.

Repulo's Tailors Collection produced for one of our clients =

Repulo’s Tailors will help you to use your budget wisely. As we work with low MOQs, we provide free consultations, we calculate a full price per your collection, we work with many fabric, accessories, labels and packaging suppliers, provide a full photography service and many other important things every designer needs 💪


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