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Victoria's Secret shows are officially canceled

The Victoria's Secret fashion show, that was rocking the catwalks annually since 1995, has been officially canceled last Thursday. L Brands confirmed the decision as a part of a move to “evolve the messaging of [the company]”. The move follows months of speculation and the lowest ratings ever for the show in 2018, reports Fortune. Stuart Burgdoerfer, CFO of the company, said that they are going to communicate with the customers in a different way, but nothing similar in magnitude to the fashion show. He also confirmed sales fall by 7% in the latest quarter, compared to a 2% drop during the same period a year ago. A big fashion show featuring top world models in lingerie has lost its sheen over the past few years, helped along by a cascade of controversy.

Victoria's Secret show

The lingerie giant Victoria's Secret is struggling to catch up with modern values and their strict definition of female beauty is not helping at all. Lean, bosomy, reachless bodies was never accurate to begin with, so it's not easy to achieve diversity now by simply adding a few models of different race and size. Today, users are interested in looking at a wider variety of women than the ones the lingerie show has historically featured, and that's where Savage X Fenty is a star. They has a diverse cast of models in its very first streamed show, featuring a wide range of big stars like Slick Woods, Isis King, Laverne Cox, and Paloma Elsesser, reports Insider.

Savage X Fenty show

The models in the show represent a variety of races, gender identities, and sizes, making Savage X Fenty's diversity feel effortless, not forced. Savage X Fenty targets potential customers by resonating with who they are and what they like, not who it thinks they should want to be like Victoria's Secret does.

It can be a long debate about why is show facing such difficulties, but we have what we have. At the same time it was not confirmed whether the cancellation is temporary, or the fashion show is gone for good.


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