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The price of Chanel

After fashion industry has lost one of its most beloved talents Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel continues to hit the road and has grown the interest and demand for it's brand. As per Barneby's global analytics, Chanel became the eleventh most popular search term in the secondhand market after news of Mr. Lagerfeld’s death became public. Based on internal search and sales data, luxury consignment platform The RealReal similarly experienced an increased demand for Chanel clothing and handbags. And the most popular apparel styles are classic tweed jackets and dresses, vintage, novelty and staple handbags, including Chanel Boy Bags and its Lego clutch. In 2018, The RealReal reported that Chanel was the most popular brand that millennial women were consigning and buying on the platform.

Karl Lagerfeld during Chanel show photo from Newsweek

Chanel is one of the last luxury fashion houses that remains privately owned. And so many investors and potential buyers are drooling over the intention of one day owning a piece of it. But, Philippe Blondiaux, the company’s CFO, persisted Chanel is not on the market. “Chanel is not for sale, Chanel is not preparing for an IPO, I just want to reconfirm that for the hundredth time this year,” he told Business of Fashion. Despite the last estimation of the brand being worth $50 billion, at an investor day in Paris the members of luxury conglomerate LVMH reportedly said that the French fashion label could be worth close to $100 billion. And this urge even more hypothesis as for who can afford to buy it!

A "dream" or a "fantasy" that's what we would call this high fashion house.


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