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Fashion photography

Photography is one of the key parts of fashion industry. It's one of the best ways of the communication between fashion designers and customers which gives a chance to be known and spread designer's art all over the world. Nowadays, when almost everyone uses social media, it gives a chance to be on top of fashion shows and trends and at the same time for designers to show their work and receive a feedback at once from a wider audience. The history of fashion photography goes back to the mid-1800's. The birth of the fashion model (that is, a fashion model who was not already a celebrity) can be traced back to as early as 1853 when Charles Frederick Worth, a French designer, hired Marie Vernet to exclusively model his clothing range (link).

Today, fashion photography can be divided into 4 styles: editorial, high fashion, catalogue and street fashion. Editorial fashion photography is used by most fashion magazines. The main thing about it is styling. There is a special scheme or a story that should be followed. The whole image is a shot and it gives a powerful statement. High fashion photography is very similar with editorial. It is used as an advertisement by big fashion brands. Generally, supermodels, famous actors and actresses are featured in this type of photography. It is all about a flawless picture that in most cases is over the top. Catalogue photography is used to show the garment very clearly. Styling is less complicated and the background is more plain, it can be plain white or grey to make the main accent on the product and its details. Street fashion photography is all about capturing fashionable typical people on the streets. Fashionistas are mostly used for this type of photography and it's again more about full image highlighting fashion trends in the real world.

Big fashion brands usually do few of these styles for one collection, but what is the best for you it's only you who decide. Repulo's Tailors has a group of professional photographers, stylists, models, make-up artists and studios ready to do a perfect look of your fashion collection. We can help to spread your art to the world and became famous not only by producing your collection but to capture it with a style.

Fashion Photography


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