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Fashion during quarantine

    In the world we are living now it's not easy to stick to your every day routine, sometimes even impossible. While some people feel real struggle, others bring cool creative ideas to life and fulfil their quarantine routine with art and passion.

   We cannot imagine fashion without creative photoshoots which is not easy during quarantine, but these guys found a cool way and we absolutely love it! We are talking about Bella Hadid and her photoshoot for Vogue Italia. "Times are changing and working from home has a new meaning," Bella wrote on her Instagram. "New work for @vogueitalia shot and styled through FaceTime by my Quaranqueens @briannalcapozzi @haleywollens PRODUCTION/lighting by @Laurenperez Much love. feeling lucky to work." And we are lucky to watch, learn and get inspired by their work.


   We see lots of photographers do photoshoots through webcam now, bloggers do various challenges to keep up with the crowd and what do you guys do? How do you entertain yourself during these days?


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