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5 ideas for your wedding with "something blue"

To write this article we were inspired by the Vogue Britain post. And we will suggest you our own exclusive ideas for the wedding with "something blue" without offering to buy them, just to inspire you :) To get the idea better, you should get acquainted with this article author, who is our CEO Kat, as the photos are from her own wedding.

The tradition of wearing “something blue” on your wedding day dates back to the late 1800s, reports Vogue. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe,” as the saying goes. In Ukraine, we have almost same saying, but it doesn't include something blue. The color blue stands for love, purity and fidelity - three key qualities for a solid marriage. Wearing or carrying “something blue” was also meant to deflect that pesky Evil Eye, but in our case it's just a love for a blue color. On your wedding day you don't want just to follow the old saying, you want everything to be also modern. So let's have a look at the photos.

1. Bride's Bouquet: one of the best options is to include some blue flowers into your bouquet. On the photo we have blue Hortencia and a bit of violet Hyacinth.

2. Wedding rings cushion: just add a simple cushion for the wedding rings with a blue ribbon - cool and modern detail!

3. Origami Bird Decoration: use simple things for decoration like we did, blue origami birds were hanged on the trees for the photoshoot.

4. Wedding Dress: of course in a dress. It can be light blue belt with a big bow on the back like on the photo. Or maybe some embroidery? Why not?

5. Groom's Suit and Boutonniere: for a bright wedding your groom should be bright too. Like on the photo, groom wearing an electric blue suit with some blue flower boutonniere. Only for daring couples :)

We hope you liked our ideas and they will help you with your doubts. And let your wedding be brighten up not only with the colors around but with good emotions!


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