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Ramadan and Eid fashion

   May 2020 is not just a regular month for the Muslim people, this is a holy month of Ramadan. In the Middle East Ramadan is a special season for fashion, when designers release their capsule collections exclusive to the region. There are two types of wear - Ramadan and Eid wear. While Ramadan outfits are more practical, but still rich, light and flowing, Eid wear is more luxurious. Everyone wants to stand out and they really do. All Eid outfits look like for the red carpet. Ramadan market is pretty big and growing fast. International brads are making special lines for Ramadan, among them are Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, Carolina Herrera, Zara etc.

Eid Dress for Dubai brand

  Working a lot for Dubai and local designers, we had a very nice experience to see their talents presented on a special fairs and exhibitions during the holy month and Eid. They do organise them in the malls, boutiques or even outside on the promenade, like a City Walk in Dubai for example. They have their own fashion world and we absolutly loved it! When you feel that atmosphere, you really want to put on a fashion abaya or kaftan and go to the Iftar to enjoy a delicious Arabic food.

Have a look at some pieces we created for them.

Iftar Outfit for Dubai brand produced by Repulo's Tailors
Kaftan for Eid, Dubai. Produced by Repulo's Tailors


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