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Prototypes production

Being a designer is hard, isn’t it? We are talking not only about creating an idea, but to make that idea live!

Very often fashion designers create a garment and have that ideal vision of it in their heads and imagination. But when that garment is produced, they see something different, not that ideal anymore. Big fashion houses have huge teams involved in a process of a garment creation from the idea to actual production. But for beginners and even established brands it is twice more complicated.

Repulo’s Tailors team is here to help you! We suggest an option of creating prototypes, samples of your ideal garment. And we highly recommend you to use this option not only to see the quality of stitching and fit, but also to understand if this this something you want to produce as a part of your fashion line or not. Repulo’s Tailors team is focused on each design and style we receive, not on make it fast, but to make it perfect. This is a part of the process when each designer gets acquainted with it’s “baby” and the one of the most important in the fashion industry! The main task for the designer is to come up with the “baby” idea and for us, as a garment manufacturer, to create that “baby” in the best way.

Those who has all the tech pack ready or those who has only an inspirational image we are ready to help! We will assist in sourcing fabrics and all the necessary materials, creating a tech pack or even a full collection, we will do pattern, cut and sew, we can suggest minor changes for better fit and look, we are not just sewing what you gave us, but consulting and advising as already an experienced apparel manufacturer.


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