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Make Black Friday Green Again

Next Friday will be the busiest shopping day of the year, which so many people are waiting for - Black Friday. On this day mostly each and every retailer do special promotions for 24 hours to get people buy presents for Christmas. But this year the mood around it is a bit different as more then 300 clothing brands are asking shoppers not to shop on this day because of environmental reasons, writes BBC here. The Make Friday Green Again collective, started by Nicolas Rohn, one of the Faguo eco-friendly clothing company co-founders, afraid discount deals encourage people to purchase goods they don't actually need and such "overproduction" contributes to climate change. At the same time, some people can only buy goods with such promotions and this is the only way for them. It's true, everything we buy doesn't just cost money, but has an environmental cost as well. The argument from the collective is that the less you purchase, the smaller environmental footprint you leave.

We read more and more similar materials and it is very important to make people aware, but, in a bigger picture, we should just be smarter with our purchases as consumers and retailers should be responsible too, but maybe not with the sales. With the way of their products produced, materials their products are made of and how far are their products are transported to.

Are you going to shop on Black Friday?


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