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How to find a right apparel manufacturer when you are an aspiring brand?

   Starting something new is always a hard thing, isn't it? But when you finally did, the other hard part is to find the right partners for cooperation, manufacturers, suppliers etc.

  Fashion business is a creative thing, so you should spend your best talents on creating a masterpiece, but not on daily technical routine of explaining your goal and expectations to the manufacturer or supplier over and over again.

In this case the best thing you can do is to find a perfect partner, who will rescue you from unnecessary actions and time wastage. Not an easy task, you would say. Agree! But, we prepared few advices that can save your time searching of clothing manufacturer and get what you want!

 First thing you should do is to make a decision of where are you going to manufacture your garments, in your country of origin or overseas? It depends on your location, but you should understand all cons and pros. Production in country of origin may save your time on delivery, you can be present during the process of manufacturing, but it will cost you more in most of cases. Cooperation with overseas manufacturers may be the best solution, but don't look too far. For example, if you are in the UK, Denmark, Spain etc production in China may take too much time and money to deliver your order. In this case Eastern Europe would be the best solution. It is that market where you get a high quality production for a better price than in France and Germany for example, but you will still get same good service and product. Repulo's Tailors are located in Ukraine and we know what we are talking about. You can contact us here. Or just by clicking 'Contact' on the menu above.

When you have already made a decision of the manufacture location, you can start look up for them. And there are many options:

1. Start to just Google.

2. Use Facebook. There are many uniting groups dedicated to fashion. They combine designers and brands, suppliers and manufacturers, where all of them can share their needs or services.

3. Search for special apparel manufacturing platforms, where you can find a full database. We can recommend Sqetch.

4. Use Yellow Pages, yes, a lot you can find there too.

5. There are many special channels, chats in Telegram, Viber etc dedicated to clothing manufacturing topics.

   The other important thing for you as a starting brand is to find low MOQs manufacturers. You don't need to produce 100 garments of one style in the beginning. Always start with small MOQs.

Find a manufacturer who produces samples to be able to see your creation and do some alterations if needed. Ask manufacturer if he can help you with other necessary steps like pattern production, fabric sourcing, packaging, brand labels and tags, photoshoots etc. It is always very convenient to have all done at one place! By the way, Repulo's Tailors can do all of the mentioned above. You can request your quote and details here.

   Look for manufacturer's portfolio, ask to show samples, look for recommendations online. Look at the manufacturer's website and when was the last action done, professionals use to updated news and blog sections at least few times a months. Always have few options and provide your request as much detailed as it can be to get the best answer. If there is a chance to organise a meeting, always do.

   From our own experience, choose the one you feel comfortable to communicate with. You will spend a lot of time of communication with the company and it should make you feel good, but not to upset. Pay attention to the proposal presentation, professionals usually up to date with the trends and not only manufacture your clothes nicely, but also presenting themselves nice!

  This is what we would recommend to look for and actions any fresh brand should follow to succeed. We hope this information will be useful at least for a few of our readers and will save a little bit of a time you have, which is very expensive!

   Good luck and feel free to ask us any questions you have using our contacts or leave your contact details here and we will reach you asap!


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