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A story of the dress

I think everyone remember a hot green silk chiffon dress Jennifer Lopes slayed in 2000 to the 42nd Grammy Awards ceremony and this dress you will remember as well! Every fashion media is shouting about it these days and of course we can't miss it too!

Last Friday, at S/S 2020 Versace show during Milan Fashion Week, Jennifer modelled a modern version of the dress and it has been viewed more than two million times on social media. J.Lo, a 50 years old singer and actress, just broke the internet with that walk. She was definitely stunning together with a dress! The full runway show was not less striking and you can watch the full version on YouTube.

J.Lo wearing Versace jungle green dress in 2010 at Grammy

Let's remind a couple of interesting facts from the life of a famous dress:

- it is one of the most high-profile dresses that made the designer Versace a household name and was described as a turning point in Donatella Versace's career;

- a market value of the dress was approximately $15000 in 2000;

- Geri Halliwell from Spice Girls wore the same dress to NRJ Music Awards in France about a month earlier then J.Lo but didn't get the same attention then J.Lo;

- On October 15, 2002 at the Radio City Music Hall in NY, Jennifer Lopez was awarded the Vogue Fashion Award as the most influential star of the year. The award was presented by Versace herself;

- In 2015, a former Google CEO and executive chairman Eric Schmidt, revealed there were so many searches for photos of the dress afterwards that it inspired them to create Google Images. In 2000, Google Search results were limited to simple pages of text with links, but the developers worked on developing this further, realising that an image search was required to answer "the most popular search query" they had seen to date: Jennifer Lopez's green dress.

J.Lo and Donatella Versace at S/S2019 show

So is it all about the dress or Jennifer Lopez brought it to life? - You decide!


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