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How to improve your fashion sketching

All fashion is a point of each and other taste and vision. Same with fashion sketching.

What about yours? Do you like your results or not, but you should sell your sketches like hot cakes!

In our opinion, nobody is perfect but you should improve your skills all the time. We have five exercises that will help you if you will do them in a row. And we will start from the basics.

1. Lines: Train your lines to get a feeling of the hand. Try different angles, practice with pressure, draw circles and circles inside without touching the other lines.

2. Copy: Choose a drawing you like and try to copy it. It will help you to achieve the result you like.

3. Repeat: Chose an object or a picture you like and try to draw it in a timeframe. Give yourself ten minutes, then do it again in five and again in three. You'll see after, that you actually can do it in two or even one minute. Your brain starts to focus on what you see, not on what you are doing.

4. Memory: To train your visual memory, choose an image you like, study it's details like forms, angles, light, shadows. Turn the drawing away and try to draw it from your imagination. In the end, compare your drawing with image.

5. Life drawing: If you are in fashion, you need to draw people. Try to arrange a model and draw it as realistic as possible. Or you can attempt a life drawing session. This exercise will help you to show a 3D object on a 2D sketch.

Doing these exercises few times a week and doing them in a row will do it's best!

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