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Tips, Points and Terms in Fashion

Hi Friends!

On our meeting with the team the other day, we were thinking that it's actually a good idea to post more useful information for our clients who are just starting to run their fashion business and need some guidance into the fashion terminology, tips or points. And we have a lot to tell you about!

In our next blog posts you will find an information about private label meaning, difference between made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring, cut and sew technique, information about diffusion line (bridge line), product production stages and points, information about materials and it's waste, pattern making technology and much more!

For the professionals in fashion industry we will be useful too. Our team is keeping their eyes open for latest news, trends and tips 24/7, and, we are ready to share our godsends with you.

We will be very happy if our work on the blog will be interesting and helpful for all of you!

Keep watching us and thanks for being a part of our life!

With best regards, Kateryna

Managing Director of Repulo's Tailors

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